About Dr Suresh and His Achievements

Before starting to share with you his MCAT journey, lets first talk about what he is doing NOW?

Dr Suresh has done his graduation in MBBS and he is currently doing his Housejob in the Hyderabad (2nd largest city of the Sindh).

He was selected on merit and was among the top 15 of District Toppers, actually his merit number was exactly 15.

Going back to his college (intermediate) life, he was a shining student in MCAT, always getting higher (if not the highest) marks in every test. His success story is very clear, that I am going to share with you.

Just before that, let me share with you a little secret that no one has ever told you, and that secret is the only secret behind the success of Dr Suresh. Once, after knowing that secret, nothing in life would be difficult to you ever again.

And I am going to share it with you. That is:
“There is nothing like talent in the real world. Every genius has worked so hard that his skill seems talent and a natural gift, which actually is hard-earned skill, which was practiced for years”.

According to Dr Suresh, this is the only secret that can help you achieve everything in life. Be that, professional success, money or anything else. This principle (secret) applies to each and every thing in the world, i-e you get what you pay (work) for.

Coming to his journey, he has solved each and every difficult question of physics, chemistry and biology. And with that expertise achieved, he thought to help YOU, to achieve success in MCAT 2019. That is why he created this website, which contains only the authentic material for MCAT practice. There is nothing outside of this website that can come in MCAT test in Sindh. Every important book( Redspot, Dogar smart brain, etcetera) were thouroughly read by him and then he picked up only course related MCQs. In this website you wouldnt find any single MCQ which is out of course of Sindh MCAT.

Despite of his low Board Marks (40% weightage), he succeeded with high merit number, because he struggled more and practiced only authentic and useful MCQs. And same is the advice for you. I wont say MCAT journey will be easier or I have a shortcut. Anyone who tells you that is basically lying to you. MCAT journey is as hard as hell, but be sure you are in good hands now.

After attending his online courses and solving his carefully gathered MCQs, you will find it a lot easier to study efficiently for MCAT  and surely Allah will help you achieve everything if you are true to your passion.